A Tale of Two Titans | And Something Like Ten Cities. In Two Weeks.

The world’s fastest growing private jet company, JetSmarter, shows no signs of slowing down as its industrious founders cover the map at break-neck speed.

The company’s ethos to democratize the private air travel industry under a sky big enough for everyone – a target-demo they are expanding significantly beyond the affluent 1% – is backed by an iron-clad business model that is quickly dispelling the consumer assumption that flying private is out of everyday reach; their brainchild app technology hails you a private jet in seconds with unmatched value, and efficacy.

Let us take a moment to meet two of the biggest thinkers behind it all and find out where they’ve been lately, shall we? One of them is Forbes’ 30 under 30 Sergey Petrossov - a man of vision, superhuman drive and accomplishment. The other is his equivocally straight-shooting wingman, Gennady Barsky – the astute, international business developer and visionary of impossible connections and financial solvency.

They are the CEO and President, respectively, and together they are the invariably fruitful meeting of minds that has led them around the world to a point of international acclaim. It is difficult not to think of them as heroic, flying crusaders; their Wonder Twin-like powers activate to form the dynamic duo that tirelessly spreads its wings (albeit by private jet), day-in and day-out.

Their JetSmarter missions and coordinates as of late have included destinations as far as Marbella, London, Dubai, Sardinia, Riyadh, Madrid, Lake Garda, Paris, and well, New York. Europe and the Middle East seem to be at the top of their tactful itinerary for global expansion. Next stops? Countless more including cities throughout Asia and Latin America.

To say that their JetSmarter presence is in “high demand” would undoubtedly be a conservative assessment.

Not to fret. Mr. Barsky and Mr. Petrossov keep it cool and carry on, pushing hard to meet their explosive demand around the world - an unremitting demand and awareness that continues to reach unprecedented heights while the public learns more about their revolutionary solutions to an arguably faltering aviation industry, and what would have otherwise remained an archaic private jet booking process.

It is with this nearly insatiable popularity that they are here, there and everywhere, to elegantly share and grow their purposeful business. To grow up, out and abroad. To disrupt without being disruptive. To leave greatness in their jet stream.

This is the state of their art. This is their style and their speed.

Eat their sparks.

In Good Graces. In Better Company.

During the recent, holy month of Ramadan, JetSmarter President Gennady Barsky had the customary pleasure of visiting one of his choice destinations – the popular jewel of the Arabian peninsula and thriving cultural center, Abu Dhabi, UAE.