Gennady Barsky | His Flight Path to Expansion

Never losing sight of his shrewd objectives, the man with a slender eye on the prize has been working on what is perhaps his most respectable body of work yet – one of healthy, global expansion for his favorite child, JetSmarter.

In fact, we can’t help but believe it will become the standard against which all competing ventures will be measured—his definitive work is swiftly expanding global markets.

Mr. Barsky let us in on his process and how his accomplishments have come to be.

So, step into his new office(s). Whichever, take your pick; the crouching-president-hidden-developer has sprung with exciting plans to open new offices between Moscow and London, his favorite European city. Piercing London’s fog with a sliver of his bluest sky, the renderings are awe-inspiring, to put it frankly, and Mr. Barsky is satisfied, to say the least.

From Great Britain’s Grey to Matisse’s Mediterranean Blue, the artful process is his pleasure.

Revamped and refreshed offices are soon to open in Fort Lauderdale as well, and Moscow and London closely follow. Mr. Barsky and his good offices are in the process of choosing a location and space in London and Barsky is the one in charge start-to-finish, involved in both design and development / build-out.

With offices all over the world, Mr. Barsky needed a way to get around. Lucky for us; JetSmarter has beefed up its shuttle route supply chain, ramping up services throughout Europe.

JetSmarter recently attended the 2016 European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE2016), a premier event and annual meeting place for the European business aviation community. Held at Geneva’s magnificent Palexpo, the convention brought together business leaders, government officials, manufacturers, flight department personnel and all manner of people involved in nearly every aspect of business aviation—perfect timing to announce seven new European JetShuttle™ routes to be offered through JetSmarter.

Now all JetSmarter members may do as Gennady Barsky does; travel from the River Thames to the Mediterranean and back by private jet. Tea time, right on time. Come to think of it, maybe Barsky’s smooth moves between London and Paris have something to do with his penchant for fine dining; specials include Beef Wellington for supper (London) à Chateaubriand and Champagne before bed (Paris).

Here’s what to expect in terms of his JetSmarter flight paths to expansion:

New JetShuttle™ Routes & Launch Dates

London-Ibiza: June 17th

Ibiza-Palma de Mallorca: June 17th

London-Moscow: Sep 1st

London-Milan: Sep 13th

Nice-Olbia: Sep 19th

Milan-Paris: Sep 19th

Paris-Geneva: Sep 20th

Existing European JetShuttle™ Routes






In short, as JetSmarter continues planning its expansion strategy, reviewing its travel orders, and applying for its European visas, Mr. Barsky is making himself at home all over the world.

JetSmarter hasn’t been everywhere, but it’s on Barsky’s list. Admire him from the ground or join his privy club in the sky and fly high by his side. Otherwise, we’d suggest you get out of the way; Mr. Barsky moves freaky fast and we wouldn’t want you to get hurt.