In Good Graces. In Better Company.

During the recent, holy month of Ramadan, JetSmarter President Gennady Barsky had the customary pleasure of visiting one of his choice destinations – the popular jewel of the Arabian peninsula and thriving cultural center, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Here, it was Mr. Barsky’s notable privilege to meet with a number of esteemed JetSmarter clients and key strategic partners from the upper echelons of Emirati society and its diplomatic community.

Keeping Barsky in extraordinary company, was Sir Ayman Al Afifi, to name just one dignitary.

“It is always a pleasure spending time with Sheikh Rashid,” said Barsky. “…and important to meet more of the UAE through its people.”

Mr. Barsky’s wide-worldly yet modest view from the top included a number of sheikhs’ palaces in Abu Dhabi where powerful and pecuniary words were exchanged over friendly, evening feasts – one of Gennady’s favorite parts of travelling abroad ­– especially when punctuating the fasting, holy time observed by his hosts.

Whatever your religious persuasion might be, it is only right we serve-up advance praise for Gennady Barsky, the man taking JetSmarter global.

Expect more sensible growth from the heart.

Gennady Barsky | His Flight Path to Expansion

Never losing sight of his shrewd objectives, the man with a slender eye on the prize has been working on what is perhaps his most respectable body of work yet – one of healthy, global expansion for his favorite child, JetSmarter.