Millenium Millionare, Gennady Barsky | Boldly Defines a New Era in Air Travel

As you may have already gathered, the man is rewriting the rules and changing the world.

Sharper, faster, and considerably smarter than the average entrepreneur, it is only appropriate that Barsky’s ground-breaking company be so eponymously titled. The name: JetSmarter.

Equally befitting is the recent article published in Millenium Millionaire – a rather prestigious magazine, internationally distributed with branch offices as elegantly far apart as Munich and California.

Mr. Barsky’s fast-growing private aviation tech start-up is already a tremendous success in the USA, and as the article suggests, the UAE is growing more interested among others.

“Over the last year, the company has strategically grown throughout North America, the Middle East, and Europe, and provides 525 more flight options for its users through its main amenities: JetDeals, JetShuttles, and its JetCharter service.”

Should you share in the same curiosity, have a quick read inside to find out which factors are contributing to JetSmarter’s unprecedented sales growth as it continues to exert powerful and pecuniary moves across the globe.

The full story:

A Tale of Two Titans | And Something Like Ten Cities. In Two Weeks.

The world’s fastest growing private jet company, JetSmarter, shows no signs of slowing down as its industrious founders cover the map at break-neck speed.