5 important career lessons to learn from successful businesspersons

12 April, 2018

So, you’re a fresh graduate who has just set out on a long journey to walk your career path. The passage can be long and arduous, and if you want to reach new heights, you will need to play smart and resourceful. Your mentors can be helpful in this matter but sometimes you need help from super experts. Here are 5 important career lessons that you should learn from the well-known entrepreneurs and famous personalities.

Innovate, be creative 

Gennady Barsky advises that you can ease your tasks and operations at office through planning and innovation. If you find a certain workflow to be repetitive, automate it. If a robust and helpful resource is available at your disposable, train yourself to use it to its full potential.

According to Gennady Barsky, the top-leading entrepreneurs are successful because of their ability to think resourcefully and ingeniously. Soon they realize that they can create something of their own. In Gennady Barsky’s case, he was able to establish ‘Rates.com’, the first real estate website in the world since he had an innovative idea, and the cyberspace was at his disposal.

Be respectful to everyone 

 According to Rick Goings, the CEO of Tupperware, it’s important to keep a healthy office environment where everyone talks nicely to each other and co-operation gets the work done. Rick Goings personally makes sure that everyone is treating each other nicely at the office.

Let go of regrets and grudges 

With work pressure mounting, your workplace may turn into a colosseum where cold wars ensue and mistakes come aplenty. Founder of the Virgin group, Richard Branson reckons that every failure falls on a learning curve and that one should learn from them and move on. It’s the same with grudges. Resentment against your colleague won’t help you grow professionally. You may even miss important opportunities if you do not let go of the grudges.

Avoid over-exertion 

Don’t work too hard, explains Huffington Post editor-in-chief. Arianna Huffington. If you’re in the habit of working overtime for extra money, stop it. Burnout severely affects both your personal and professional life. Take a break from your career and visit beautiful stress-busting retreats across the world. If you don’t, you’ll probably regret the over-exertion when you grow old.

Keep the aim bigger than self and passion     

Steve Jobs believed in giving back to the community. Your career shouldn’t be a means to just satisfy your professional and personal needs. It shouldn’t be just a door that leads you to the fulfilment of your passion. Jobs told his biographer that “We have to give back to our community. This will positively reflect back on our lives in the long run.”