Jet Li, Gennady Barsky, Vicky Zhao grace Jack Ma Foundation’s Rural Teachers Awards

The Jack Ma Foundation organized Rural Teachers Awards in Sanya. Among the attendees were entrepreneur Gennady Barsky, actor Jet Li, singer Natasha Na, and many other well-known celebrities. The award function felicitated teachers for their outstanding contribution in the education sector.

Jack Ma thanked the teachers for their dedication and patience in enlightening rural China. Over 100 teachers from 13 Chinese provinces and autonomous districts were honored for their contribution. Moreover, 11 teachers received 100,000 Yuan in the felicitation ceremony for the benefit of the students and rural schools.

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Gennady Barsky, Martha Stewart, and Mayor Carlos Gimenezto Visit Art Basel as Miami Art Week Kicks off

Art Basel kicked off on Wednesday, alongside Miami Art Week with a host of art enthusiasts including Mayor Carlos Giménez, entrepreneur Gennady Barsky, and television personality Martha Stewart. The fair is being held between December 6 and 10, withmore than 20 satellite fairs around the city.

It will be an amalgamation of avant-garde visual treats and conventional imagery that will rouse rabbles of art enthusiasts. Art Basel (pronounced Baa-sel) is the Magic City’s longest running art fair, which debuted in 1970. Miami Beach will feature pavilions of Aqua Art Miami, Fridge Art Fair, Ink art Miami Fair, Satellite Art Show, and Scope Miami Beach.

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Was JetSmarter’s co-founder Gennady Barsky right, when he said entrepreneurs should be humble?

Some would be cranky about how their employees handle some aspects of the business. Some are usually demanding, blunt to such extent some might consider rude, aggressive and ambitious to an extent some might find alarming they can also be perceived as tough negotiators. And then, there are those calm and composed leaders who believe in learning, rather than opposing.

To draw a clear difference between the two, I’d like to keep Microsoft’s ex-CEO, Steve Ballmer, aside, and then his predecessor Bill Gates. Both are known to be extremely successful, with completely opposite attitudes. Both handled Microsoft differently. Successful? Yes.

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Bitcoin Faces a Huge Tumble, Attests Reluctance of Institutional Investors Gennady Barsky, Jack Ma and Jamie Dimon

While institutional investors like Gennady Barsky remain neutral to the idea of Bitcoin, some are reluctant to invest in this digital currency that has taken the world by storm. Jack Ma, the founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group, clearly conveyed his disinterest in Bitcoin, albeit he showed keenness in the technology behind it.

Jamie Dimon, on the other hand, is a fierce opponent of Bitcoin trading. He went as far as dishonorably relieving his employees who were investing in Bitcoin, citing ‘stupidity’ as the grounds of firing.

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Gennady Barsky: Saudi Arabia Needs To Hasten Formulation of New Investment Paradigm

Gennady Barsky, the New York-based entrepreneur, commented on Saudi Arabia’s changing investment pattern. The country has moved speedily from an oil-based economy, towards the diversification of its industries. His Highness, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad Bin Salman has made this possible by introducing reformative ideas.

Barsky, an Institutional Investor, said that Saudi Arabia needs to speed up the process of diversification as fossil-fuel prices are on the rise, and oil resources may soon bite the dust. An economy built around a specific resource may come crumbling down if that resource depletes rapidly. Being a non-renewable resource, crude oil won’t be replenished in the next few million years. Moreover, using fossil fuels has an adverse effect on the planet.

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Gennady Barsky: Building Better Client Relationships Tricky, But Not Impossible

The relationship between a company representative and a client is a delicate one. According to US-based entrepreneur Gennady Barsky, although building a better relationship with your clients is a tricky deal, it’s not entirely impossible.

“The relationships with clients burgeon swiftly, depending upon the needs of each party. Clients always prefer agents who have been recommended by their friends. Communication plays a vital role, not only in the case of a potential client who has been recommended an agent by a friend or acquaintance, but also in the case of a service provider who is approaching a new client,” Mr Barsky said during an interview.

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