From Start-up to
Global Expansion

A Commendable Milestone

JetSmarter recently announced its Series C funding resulting in a $1.5 billion pre-money valuation, making it the first “unicorn” of the skies, according to its President, Gennady Barsky.


The impressive financial subsidy will effectively serve to support JetSmarter’s unremitting expansion of services across global markets, predominantly through Asia and Latin America. The number of routes and flights available to JetSmarter members in the U.S. is also said to grow considerably as a result.


Members of the Saudi royal family, as well as prolific recording artist, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, remain loyal financiers to JetSmarter. This round, the business magnates sweetened the pot with significantly taller investments.


New to the JetSmarter roundtable of investors were Abu Dhabi-based equity fund, JetEdge (the global private aviation company that operates fleets of large cabin jets), KZ Capital in London, a Qatar-based private equity fund, along with other strategic backers who remain undisclosed.


Mr. Barsky proudly explains that JetSmarter connects travelers to flights in 50 markets around the world, including New York, Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Atlanta, London, Paris, Moscow, Dubai, Milan, plus other business and leisure travel hubs.


JetSmarter CEO, Sergey Petrossov commented further, sharing the aim to cast an even wider net, notably extending the company’s available services to nearly 100 markets by the end of 2017. Moreover, Mr. Barsky and his executives plan on connecting additional cities on the U.S. map. Expect more Florida destinations to Boston, New York and Washington, D.C., as well as San Francisco to Seattle.


The company’s expeditious approach to making ideas a reality thoughtfully opened its doors to XOJET President and CEO Bradley Stewart - also a senior advisor to private equity firm TPG  - who has tactfully joined the JetSmarter board with a partnership that is allowing JetSmarter to mature its aircraft supply chain and routes in North America.


JetSmarter continues to grow rapidly in what was an otherwise faltering private aviation space. Where so called “competitors” have failed, JetSmarter has excelled, a clear testament that its fast-tracking travel tech is making a unique and positive impact to set it miles apart.


Petrossov added, “We scale from the community. We use predictive maps and algorithms to find where the demand is, so that we will never over-supply the market and can just meet the amount of demand we have. Other companies would over-supply and fly where they’d have 20% loads. We have zero deadhead weight on our shuttles and a 90% load factor.”


The lean and mean start-up partners with operators, owners and carriers who manage and maintain the aircraft, hire pilots and deal with safety and compliance issues for the heavily regulated industry, efficiently clearing the runway for all those who choose to JetSmarter so comfortably.


In fact, Mr. Barsky, himself, uses JetSmarter services to tremendous

advantage and ease, traveling all over the world to meet the clutch investors

who have joined him in moving mountains; his extensive business contacts between New York, Dubai, Kuwait, and Sardinia have all recently given him reason for an elegant dance in the sky.


It’s no wonder JetSmarter has reached prodigious “unicorn” acclaim, and that its valiant crew looks to ride this noble steed all the way to the moon. One thing is certain: company spirit soars higher than ever at JetSmarter.



Millenium Millionare, Gennady Barsky | Boldly Defines a New Era in Air Travel

As you may have already gathered, the man is rewriting the rules and changing the world.


Sharper, faster, and considerably smarter than the average entrepreneur, it is only appropriate that Barsky’s ground-breaking company be so eponymously titled. The name: JetSmarter.


Equally befitting is the recent article published in Millenium Millionaire – a rather prestigious magazine, internationally distributed with branch offices as elegantly far apart as Munich and California.


Mr. Barsky’s fast-growing private aviation tech start-up is already a tremendous success in the USA, and as the article suggests, the UAE is growing more interested among others. 


“Over the last year, the company has strategically grown throughout North America, the Middle East, and Europe, and provides 525 more flight options for its users through its main amenities: JetDeals, JetShuttles, and its JetCharter service.”


Should you share in the same curiosity, have a quick read inside to find out which factors are contributing to JetSmarter’s unprecedented sales growth as it continues to exert powerful and pecuniary moves across the globe.


The full story:

A Tale of Two Titans | And Something Like Ten Cities. In Two Weeks.

The world’s fastest growing private jet company, JetSmarter, shows no signs of slowing down as its industrious founders cover the map at break-neck speed.


The company’s ethos to democratize the private air travel industry under a sky big enough for everyone  –  a target-demo they are expanding significantly beyond the affluent 1% – is backed by an iron-clad business model that is quickly dispelling the consumer assumption that flying private is out of everyday reach; their brainchild app technology hails you a private jet in seconds with unmatched value, and efficacy.


Let us take a moment to meet two of the biggest thinkers behind it all and find out where they’ve been lately, shall we? One of them is Forbes’ 30 under 30 Sergey Petrossov - a man of vision, superhuman drive and accomplishment. The other is his equivocally straight-shooting wingman, Gennady Barsky – the astute, international business developer and visionary of impossible connections and financial solvency.


They are the CEO and President, respectively, and together they are the invariably fruitful meeting of minds that has led them around the world to a point of international acclaim. It is difficult not to think of them as heroic, flying crusaders; their Wonder Twin-like powers activate to form the dynamic duo that tirelessly spreads its wings (albeit by private jet), day-in and day-out.


Their JetSmarter missions and coordinates as of late have included destinations as far as Marbella, London, Dubai, Sardinia, Riyadh, Madrid, Lake Garda, Paris, and well, New York. Europe and the Middle East seem to be at the top of their tactful itinerary for global expansion. Next stops? Countless more including cities throughout Asia and Latin America.


To say that their JetSmarter presence is in “high demand” would undoubtedly be a conservative assessment.


Not to fret. Mr. Barsky and Mr. Petrossov keep it cool and carry on, pushing hard to meet their explosive demand around the world - an unremitting demand and awareness that continues to reach unprecedented heights while the public learns more about their revolutionary solutions to an arguably faltering aviation industry, and what would have otherwise remained an archaic private jet booking process.  


It is with this nearly insatiable popularity that they are here, there and everywhere, to elegantly share and grow their purposeful business. To grow up, out and abroad. To disrupt without being disruptive. To leave greatness in their jet stream.


This is the state of their art. This is their style and their speed.


Eat their sparks.


In Good Graces. In Better Company.


During the recent, holy month of Ramadan, JetSmarter President Gennady Barsky had the customary pleasure of visiting one of his choice destinations – the popular jewel of the Arabian peninsula and thriving cultural center, Abu Dhabi, UAE.


Here, it was Mr. Barsky’s notable privilege to meet with a number of esteemed JetSmarter clients and key strategic partners from the upper echelons of Emirati society and its diplomatic community.


Keeping Barsky in extraordinary company, was Sir Ayman Al Afifi, to name just one dignitary. 


“It is always a pleasure spending time with Sheikh Rashid,” said Barsky. “…and important to meet more of the UAE through its people.”


Mr. Barsky’s wide-worldly yet modest view from the top included a number of sheikhs’ palaces in Abu Dhabi where powerful and pecuniary words were exchanged over friendly, evening feasts – one of Gennady’s favorite parts of travelling abroad ­– especially when punctuating the fasting, holy time observed by his hosts.


Whatever your religious persuasion might be, it is only right we serve-up advance praise for Gennady Barsky, the man taking JetSmarter global.


Expect more sensible growth from the heart.

Gennady Barsky | His Flight Path to Expansion

Never losing sight of his shrewd objectives, the man with a slender eye on the prize has been working on what is perhaps his most respectable body of work yet – one of healthy, global expansion for his favorite child, JetSmarter.


In fact, we can’t help but believe it will become the standard against which all competing ventures will be measured—his definitive work is swiftly expanding global markets.


Mr. Barsky let us in on his process and how his accomplishments have come to be.


So, step into his new office(s). Whichever, take your pick; the crouching-president-hidden-developer has sprung with exciting plans to open new offices between Moscow and London, his favorite European city. Piercing London’s fog with a sliver of his bluest sky, the renderings are awe-inspiring, to put it frankly, and Mr. Barsky is satisfied, to say the least.


From Great Britain’s Grey to Matisse’s Mediterranean Blue, the artful process is his pleasure.


Revamped and refreshed offices are soon to open in Fort Lauderdale as well, and Moscow and London closely follow. Mr. Barsky and his good offices are in the process of choosing a location and space in London and Barsky is the one in charge start-to-finish, involved in both design and development / build-out.


With offices all over the world, Mr. Barsky needed a way to get around. Lucky for us; JetSmarter has beefed up its shuttle route supply chain, ramping up services throughout Europe.


JetSmarter recently attended the 2016 European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE2016), a premier event and annual meeting place for the European business aviation community. Held at Geneva’s magnificent Palexpo, the convention brought together business leaders, government officials, manufacturers, flight department personnel and all manner of people involved in nearly every aspect of business aviation—perfect timing to announce seven new European JetShuttle™ routes to be offered through JetSmarter.


Now all JetSmarter members may do as Gennady Barsky does; travel from the River Thames to the Mediterranean and back by private jet. Tea time, right on time. Come to think of it, maybe Barsky’s smooth moves between London and Paris have something to do with his penchant for fine dining; specials include Beef Wellington for supper (London) à Chateaubriand and Champagne before bed (Paris).


Here’s what to expect in terms of his JetSmarter flight paths to expansion:


New JetShuttle™ Routes & Launch Dates

London-Ibiza:                       June 17th 

Ibiza-Palma de Mallorca:     June 17th 

London-Moscow:                 Sep 1st 

London-Milan:                      Sep 13th 

Nice-Olbia:                           Sep 19th 

Milan-Paris:                          Sep 19th 

Paris-Geneva:                      Sep 20th 


Existing European JetShuttle™ Routes







In short, as JetSmarter continues planning its expansion strategy, reviewing its travel orders, and applying for its European visas, Mr. Barsky is making himself at home all over the world.


JetSmarter hasn’t been everywhere, but it’s on Barsky’s list. Admire him from the ground or join his privy club in the sky and fly high by his side. Otherwise, we’d suggest you get out of the way; Mr. Barsky moves freaky fast and we wouldn’t want you to get hurt.