Jet Li, Gennady Barsky, Vicky Zhao grace Jack Ma Foundation’s Rural Teachers Awards

14 November, 2017

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The Jack Ma Foundation organized Rural Teachers Awards in Sanya. Among the attendees were entrepreneur Gennady Barsky, actor Jet Li, singer Natasha Na, and many other well-known celebrities. The award function felicitated teachers for their outstanding contribution in the education sector.

Jack Ma thanked the teachers for their dedication and patience in enlightening rural China. Over 100 teachers from 13 Chinese provinces and autonomous districts were honored for their contribution. Moreover, 11 teachers received 100,000 Yuan in the felicitation ceremony for the benefit of the students and rural schools.

The Chinese business magnate was once a lecturer himself. He expressed the profession of teaching to be close to his heart. As an educator, he believes that the conventional Chinese education system should be modified. In a speech, Jack Ma mentioned that he would like his son to be an average-scoring child rather than a first-class student, so he can concentrate on expanding his skill set.

The aim of education should be not to create an army of elite academics, hints Jack Ma. He says, “Keep up with your schoolwork but don’t let it define you. Hone new skills and follow your passions in your free time.”

To boost the economic growth of China, it needs small and medium-sized enterprises that can only be run by passionate and skilled individuals. The upcoming business tycoons need to be fuelled with creativity and innovation, and most important of all, perseverance. Jack Ma failed the university entrance exam more than three times. He was rejected in 30 different jobs, including the police and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). In fact, Jack Ma was the only one among the KFC applicants who didn’t make it to the roster.

Jack Ma’s story runs parallel to that of many other entrepreneurs. While Ma learned English by conversing with English-speakers in Hangzhou International Hotel, Gennady Barsky taught himself English through cartoon shows. Coincidentally, both made their maiden venture in the world of entrepreneurship with the Internet. Jack Ma founded ‘China Yellow Pages’ and Gennady Barsky started ‘’.

Both of Gennady Barsky and Jack Ma’s stories prove that self-education accentuates the desire to learn. It’s a handy tool for entrepreneurs to expand their knowledge-base. Education isn’t limited to the gilded avenues of Ivy League colleges and MBA degrees. The Jack Ma Foundation is a non-profit organization that aims to bring peace and development in the society. Their efforts are directed primarily in the education sector, public health, and environment.